Friedewald's Drug Store

Herman Friedewald II, known to many as “Pop” moved to Fenton in 1924 with his wife and 3 year old twins. That year, he opened Friedewald Drug Store on Main Street next door to the hotel (now known as the Navajo Hotel). Herman II was the son of Herman Friedewald I, who owned three drug stores in the St. Louis area and was also Dean of Barnes College of Pharmacy.



In 1927, Friedewald Pharmacy/Fenton Drug Store was moved to a new building on Highway 30. In 1929, a screened porch and ice cream parlor was added to the drug store. Patrons could enjoy their ice cream at tables and chairs on the porch, or curb service was also offered to the customers. In 1937, the Friedewald’s began making their own ice cream and the sale of ice cream became a major part of their business. In 1942 Herman Friedewald III and his twin sister Mary Francis, managed the pharmacy.


In 1962, Friedewald Pharmacy/Fenton Drug Store moved to Fenton Plaza and in the 1960’s and 1970’s about 6,000 prescriptions a month were filled. At the new location, they still had a soda fountain but no longer made ice cream. In 1979, unable to complete with large chain stores, Friedewald Pharmacy closed.